I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD


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Well, every bike forum needs a picture thread, so let's get one going!

I'll start, this is my 2007 T100.

I took this pic the day I brought 'er home last fall.
Dealer installed TOR's, centerstand, gaiters, and removed the AI..
Since then, I've put on Napoleons, Modre's lowering kit, Hedge's 8-ball choke knob and I've got plans for more.

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And this is my 2007 T100

Hedge's 8-ball choke knob
Hedge's side cover knob's
Seat strap removed
Rear pegs gone
Reflectors mysteriously vanished
Seat logo painted
Handlebar logo painted


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at the opening of Triumph's latest Asian dealership

In spite of the company, looking a bit grubby after a 700 km dash :D


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Thanks Rhodie! I've followed your scrambler set-up, some very nice work and much closer to what the Scrambler should have been about.


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Ya know I love the man, but I think he'd be happier if you posted that pic with the "Hot" Chick behind the Stroker... Dawg that he is!


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a little evolutionary timeline for you:
Bringing it home

First ride - slight mods


Wrapped & Sprayed


TT Racer
Some of the black stuff done

All Done
Some pics with the Ace bars on - I sold these after my first ride with them...I'm just too old for that shit