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Wednesday 2nd Jan, looking out the front window and the sun is shining , not a cloud in the sky, is it a dream? could it possible id be able to go out for a spin in january? ( wishful thinking), Should have 6 inches of snow this time of year. Opened the back door, -3, knew it was too good to be true, cracking up in doors with shit on tv and too cold to do anything, roll on spring!!!!!!
I have a repair question. I have a 1968 triumph t100 tiger. My cable for my clutch is not engaging my clutch. I’ve been trying to adjust the cable and the clutch adjustment. I finally broke the barrel nipple off the cable.

Any suggestions?
I recommend getting in touch with Barnett Cable & Clutch at http://www.barnettclutches.com - or contacting them at 805-642-9435. They probably have or can make the cable you need.
I have just bought a non running 2011 T100. after removing the clutch cover i notice both oil pump gears are shattered. bike has done 9800 klm. anyone got an idea of why this would happen
Sir, I could really use a set of those Thruxton headers you have posted. Would you please quote me a price shipped to 28530?
Thank you!