I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD


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Nice Speed Twin. I have yet to see one of those face-to-face. Don't have any new bikes to show, but I do have a few old ones. Here is one of mine. ...J.D.203822
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Performed surgery a couple weeks ago... Removed my cat and installed an x-pipe. It comes to about a 5-6lb. weight savings. The job was finicky and a royal PITA.

First.. I had to make sure I all the appropriate tools for the job.

Now, I was able to get busy...

Left side exhaust removed and sub frame rail loosened, I was able to pull the cat out

Motone Customs X-Pipe replacing the cat.

After 3 hours, job done.



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Nice! I've done that job before! After you do it once, the next time it goes a lot faster! How do you like the exhaust note change? I like that nice low thump it provides!


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Here is another one of my Hinckley bikes. It is a 1995 Sprint. Has the 97h.p. 6 speed that has been tweeked a bit. Re-jetted Mikuni's, modified airbox, high flow exhaust. Chassis has Race Tech front fork mods, Acron 6 piston calipers, Dunlop Road-Smarts. Notice the radiator cover. She runs a bit cool, even here in the Mohave Desert. One photo is all dressed up for touring. The other photo is stripped down for an afternoon in the twisties. I've owned this bike since 2002. ...J.D.203827203828