I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD


Thruxtonboy, which depot-lifts are those? Do they also fit the T100? I have been thinking about getting some.

Hi Thor,

No they don't. In the back the exhaustpipes come to low and in the front the 19 inch Wheel is taking more space, so the gap between the frontfender and the yoke is to narrow. I've tried but the frontlift was scraping the frontfender wenn I tried to lift the frontpart up.

Boriqua's T100,my Scrambler,and Jfenton's Black
I've posted this next one on ratnet before,but I don't have any new ones.I've made a few changes to the Scram.I'll try to get some new pics soon.



American Infidel
I was experimenting. I think they follow the shape of the seat better. But the opening is facing windward.
They are more aerodynamic that way allowing you to cut through the slip-stream easier! :D I see the key sticking straight up between the speedo and tach which means, like me, you addressed the procrastination! I have to remove all my other keys because it is scratching the finish. Great looking shots Lox!