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    deader than dogshit in the ole cafe

    Around the area where I-95 and I-26 cross in South Carolina we are having Blue Skies, Bright Sunshine. The temps are a little below 60 right now
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    Whats the correct oil spec

    Dino, semi-syth, full syth, AMSOIL, or Soylent Green, just make sure it's 10-40 or 20-50! Apparantly, oil from some People ain't worth a shit in our transmissions and has been known to gum up the works. Something to do with the lymph nodes and "Man Juice" that just goes bad at a moments notice...
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    Adding a tacho to a Bonnie

    I never really needed a tach on my bike and don't miss having one a bit. Good money could be better spent on something else that will really make a difference. I say this because Triumph as already put in a rev limiter so your covered if ya, "give 'er the stick" a little too long! For example...
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    Jacket opinions (Stocton or Rivton)

    I've had a Fieldsheer Mesh jacket with liner and pads for 4 years, no fade, real good in the 100 degree summers and high humidity we are used to here in South Carolina. I'd recommend it, they still cost about 129 bucks through a local Jap bike dealer. Probably get it cheaper through a catalog.
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    Thruxton pipes on a Bonnie

    BigTed, You must not own a T-100. Because a T-100's stock pipes employ a kink in the tubing before where the silencers slip on. Stock standard Bonnies have kicked up silencers and do not use "the kink"
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    cam cover

    RumRunner, Damn man, is that all? All that for a BIKE NIGHT! Sounds like your just a little more than a fella thats proclaimd he's not the cleaning type. I say that because you've even got it down to a certain time frame that its been done in. What do you do for a living? NASCAR Pit Crew...
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    sseping cam cover gasket

    Took my tank off the other day and found all 4 cam cover bolts loose. Went ahead and changed out the gasket and installed 4 new washers and No More leaks! Amazing shit happens went everything is tight!
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    Bel-Ray EXP Synthetic Ester Blend

    I run 20W-50 Quaker State petroleum(dino) in all my bikes changing it out every 3 grand. No oiling issues ever. Used to use Repsol, AMSOIL, Mobil 1 but stopped believing all the ad hype and high prices to only change it out every 3 thousand miles anyway, which come about plenty fast around here...
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    New Paint

    Bike looks great but like others have stated, them tank badges ain't my cuppa tea either. Inside pics really hard to detect any green hue, maybe it'll clear up a bit and the ol sun will bring it out.
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    removing rear disc

    Just wondering why you removed the rotor from the wheel? Was it warped or did ya have to remove it to get at the bearings? Mine still looks almost brand new but I personally don't use the rear brake that often, so, I was just wondering what got you wanting to remove yours in the first place...
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    110 yr anniversary bonnie

    After four years of ownership, the ONLY complaint I have for Triumph, and it's a very minor one, is for Hinckley to send our machines on their way out with a cam cover gasket that does not leak. Mine leaks and I've read too many accounts here of other's leaking gaskets. Good thing it's an easy...
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    Thanks for the info Mike, good stuff and exactly what I was looking for. Benjamindickens, I wish you the best with your condition and can hope you find a way so as to not live in a constant state of pain. You could always put your bonnie in the living room and keep it for a very cool...
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    Handle for use with Center Stand

    I just grab onto the handlebars while stepping on the centerstand's lifting arm and pull backward. Put soma ass into it and up it goes. No prob. Helps a heap if ya spend a little time on the weight pile.
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    Coil options

    Don't know where you got your info but if ya take your VIN and go to the triumph website (can't remember where I found it,)and look up the numbers, it will tell you where your ride was built. In 2009 they built all the EFI models to be shipped to the U.S. in Hinckley. SO, no bubble bursted bo...
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    Suspension Query Bonne EFI

    That brown saddle looks damned excellent on the black paint. I was thinking of a natural leather saddle but seeing the brown has given me a another option. Thank ya Henrys