Exhaust sounds: 5 bikes, 1 movie


sound bites

If any of you Pacific Northwest locals have after market exhaust (like Norman Hyde togas) or know where I could have a listen please let me know.
Seems to be more than a few to pick from and I'm just curious to hear before I buy.


T-100 exhaust

Tried the TORs and was disappointed. I have the Predators now and they rock. Understand, I came from a Harley culture (V&H Big Shots) and had a really loud bike. I can tell you these Predators are still relatively civilized by comparison. You won't wake your neighbors on an early morning ride but they still sound terrific and provide the safety volume necessary for today's distracted cage driver.
which tank rack is that?
Keep getting asked this. I really dont know as I bought it on this site 2nd hand. But it is the curved one with 5 bars, and fiits on with 4 suckers. It has been really practical tho, and I use it quite often to hold a letter to take to mailbox, and generally small items that i need to get to quick.

Back to exhaust system. I would most def recommend these Hydes. Someone said that Togas generally have a farty sound. Well I can assure you all that Hydes dont, The have a real authentic meriden 69 sound. Last weekend went to a BBQ with about 20 Triumph bikes with different exhausts, and there was not one there who was not impressed with the sound, both idling or revved.
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Has anyone have or head the specialty spares pea shooters with the straight thru headers? They look nice but have no idea how they sound and it is something I am probably not going to see with my own two eyes while I am over here in Japan.


Nice sound on all of the bikes, the epco's sound a lot better in this video, than others I've seen, but still the 2nd, and 4th bike's sounded the best IMO