Exhaust sounds: 5 bikes, 1 movie


Nailed it with that video... wouldn't have thought there'd be that much
difference between setups... but there sure as hell is... should help make
the decision for anyone undecided about what to go with - good work!

If I hadn't ended up with a set of perfect, used Thunderbike pipes for $400, would've likely gone for the
Staintunes or the Preds... IMO the Staintunes sound most similar to my
T-pipes... both reverse cone designs, but very different shapes, different tapers... both stainless & both from down under, Staintune from Australia, T-pipes from NZ... looking further I'm sticker shocking a bit, both Staintunes & T-pipes are $899...

http://www.staintune.com.au/exhausts/triumph/Triumph Bonneville Reverse Cone.htm

Just another sound difference that I haven't seen anyone video yet.

Thruxton TORs with the corks pulled out. The sound clip doesn't sound as good or as loud in the movie as it does in real life. It sounds even better when riding it:


Removing these pieces made the TORs louder, made the bike rev up faster and the Dyno sheet shown that the bike had gained 1 hp and 1 ft lb torque all the way across the rev range.

This bike is now to loud to be sneaky, but it's not so loud to be annoying, unless I want it to be. :D
Hey Dude! How about a sticky on this one?
Sorry wolfie - musta missed this reply over the holidays. Probably not gonna do a sticky. The whole tech section here never falls off the map. The thread will pop right up if you use the forum's SEARCH feature.

not sure what mikenva is trying to say ... trying to do a screen shot for his new found buddies elsewhere? :confused:
Here is my abomanation. They are stock cans cut with the rear baffle removed and the next baffle has 2 ea. 3/4" hole drilled and 1 ea. 1/2" hole in the forward one. I may make some reverse cone or slash cut tips. It has a deep loud idle with a nice roar at rpm. No popping or gurgling on decel. As soon as I can figure out how to download or compress the 22mb video file I will put it up.


Anyone have an opinion on the EMGO's? Predators are too expensive especially if I end up living in California at some point since they are illegal there.
The emgos sound good, its not too much and not that quite(by hearing the clip posted) If those are the ones from bellacorse then id say the price is right; and you will still have money left over for other items to boot!

Soon as i get back on track i will buy those emgos:)