Exhaust sounds: 5 bikes, 1 movie


Hope this is the right place to start the ever popular exhaust thread.

Five bikes, One recording, so no worries about different recording qualities. Stock Bonnie, Stock Thrux, Bonnie/TORS, Thrux/EMGOs, Thrux/Preds. Enjoy! multiple pipes, one recording (it's 6mb, so it takes awhile to download)


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Excellent Lauren - I almost forgot about that thread! I'm glad you remembered to bump it back up here. :)


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I remember it too.....funny thing is I can barely tell a difference in one pipe to another.....

nobody winced in the making of that exhaust movie.....lol.



exhaust sound byte

Here is a sound byte of my exhaust:

Did you here that? Nothing. Stock exhaust. I can sneak up behind old ladys and then blast them with my powerful stock horn!:eek:


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That, David, is exactly how you find yourself in the ditch down here......

Granny will run over your silent ass in her big ass land barge before you get past the front fender. Myopic old women can't see to the side.....and barely can straight ahead, but beat the miracle ear...and you MIGHT survive.

I believe in LOUD FUCKIN PIPES! I have had my life saved more than once because I could be HEARD when I could not be seen. I'd settle for being loud enough to be heard 50 feet behind and 50 feet ahead. Louder than that is insurance......

Thanks for posting that Bonnielass. That helped make my decision to get the Predators. Haven't been disappointed.


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Been meaning to do this for a few weeks cause we have 4 Triumph Twins in the garage now, each with a different set of cans.

Here's my "4 Bikes, 1 movie" contribution.

1. 790cc Bonnie, Staintunes
2. 790cc Bonnie, D&Ds w/stock air box
3. 790cc Bonnie, EPCO Peashooters
4. 865cc Thrux, Predators



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I still think the predators sound the best.
Agreed, I'm extremely happy with the Predators build quality and sound. I almost bought the Staintunes but the price was to much of a deterrent.

As far as the volume level of the Predators at idle and low revs there not to loud. At least on the wife meter scale, but they really open up when you get on the throttle :D.
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Very good clip, Bonafide, for the exhaust shoppers. Yeah, that Thrux gets it. Funny, but you look nothing like your photo in your avatar.


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1. Sport Demons
2. Sport Demons
3. Sport Demons
4. uhhhhh… something else
Tires on #4 bike are Avons. That's Scott's bike (see the start page of this site) - and he loved his Avons. I will say this, they are some very nice riding and sticky tires. I can see why he would buy set after set of them (ol Blue there has 35,000 miles).