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I think mine is fried. :( Last ride where I had the GPS on, we came to a stop after an hour or so, then I didn't have enough juice (in an brand new, previously fully charged battery) to start. So we bump started it, and I went home.

I'm not totally suprised - my new headlights consume 35 watts each and there's the GPS draw.. and the chatterbox sometimes... and the OEM ones aren't the best.

The problem is, I cannot find a more robust replacement! I think what I want is a "Shindengen FH020AA" or possible FH012AA and I cannot find them in stock ANYWHERE. Just lost an eBay auction on one yesterday (dammit I shoulda bid higher - not needing a bargain on this, needing it ASAP!).

Anyone have any ideas where to look?

Thanks gang!



I mounted a Mosfet FH008 on the front of ARK.
They are off Honda '06-'07 CBR1000 or '07+ CBR600...
Found mine on ebay...
Check salvage yards locally as well as on line...

BTW, when my R/R took a sh_t I couldn't bump start it...
Swapped batteries from a Norton to get me home...
I was under the impression from like minds that a fried R/R couldn't be bump started...

Good luck, they are out there...
DEcosse is the man!


BlueJ......IMHO Mosfet + NewBonneville parts headlight relay/thing where you start then high beam low beam to turn on headlights + ballistic battery.
Good luckk
Had a similar problem a couple of years ago and it turned out (after replacing the r/r) that there was a loose wire in the headlight bucket. Check wires first, IMO.


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Was it plug-n-play? Fit in the stock location? What voltage do you have across the battery terminals at idle? At 2000 rpm??

I got mine mailed from Ricks Motorsports too. It was about $150.00, Mosfet, about $30.00 more than for an OE replacement. Worth every penny, I was burning a stator a year till I put on the Mosfet. It runs cooler so you have relocation options as well.

Will fit in stock location, plug and play, have not measured for awhile, 14 v idle?


If memory serves, I was reading around 13.5 at idle. Increased revs raised voltage to just over 14 volts, don't remember exactly. No tach, so I don't know at what rpm.
The hardest part of the install was removing the headlight, plug and play baby!


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Installed, and works. I get about 13.5 volts at 2K rpm. It's always about 11pm when I remember to go in the garage and check, so haven't run it up to 4k yet because I like my neighbors.

Thanks for the tip!