Northeast Newbie


Hi All,

I'm essentially a new rider. Had a little Yamaha 125 some years ago. Been riding again for about 6 months now. When I went to check out some Royal Enfields, the dealer also carried Triumph and I fell hard for a 2011 Bonneville T100.

My wife's name is Bonnie. She's the one who thought I should get the bike, so... Never imagined I'd need 2 Bonnies in my life, but I guess I do!

I've been learning what I can from everyone's posts here. Thanks for that. Seems like a great place with some real, talented folk!



Hey Mondrian, welcome to the board....great choice of both wife and bike just so one doesn't get jealous of the other (could work both ways)
Enjoy the board, the search function is your best friend, there are lots of "how to " posts on anything you can think of.
Glad to have you aboard.....





TT Racer
Hi from Connecticut Jon. I know you made the right choice in a bike, and when your wife is on board, all the more reason.
Enjoy the forum.



Thanks everyone for the welcome!

B06Tang, Japan is a place close to my heart, so hajimemashite!

Sal, I saw some of your pics and they looked like home, so I amended my location, I'm actually near Kingston.

Thanks stroker, maybe I'll get a photo up of the two Bonnies at some point here.
I've learned a lot here already. You all are a good bunch!