Upgrading the front brakes


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Upgrading the front brakes I believe this is also credited to Uzidzit
Bonneville useful Brake Information Part Numbers
I know most of you have seen the EBC Pro-Lite floating rotor for the front of the Bonneville from newbonneville, Bella Course etc. if you need one quick I got mine from Dennis Kirk, even though they do not list it, bike bandit also has it much cheaper if you know what to get.

So here is the skinny,
Order a LEFT HAND rotor for a Honda CBR600F2 (91-94), this is the same part the above retailers sell, for the Bonneville.

This along with a EBC solid rear and HH sintered Pads Is a super up grade for the factory warp-o-matic rotors!!

Ps warm your bolts for removal and re-install with 242 LocTite @ 22Nm... I said warm not incinerate the bolts, and loosen with an impact screwdriver and good quality 6mm Allen socket an you will not have to replace those $6.00 screws!!! Yes $6.00 each screw....ouch

EBC Part #'s
Pro-Lite front rotor MD601LS
Rear Pads FA2142HH
front pads FA196HH
Rear rotor search Bike Bandit for aftermarket rotor for 02 bonnie and the solid rear will show up, My internet is so slow right now I could not pull it up.

From Thrux-ton-up - Pretech 6 piston caliper from BellaCorse - special deal I worked for 450.00 includes EBC HH pads and stainless steel line. Front rotor is from Honda nt650 320 mm BRAKING wave rotor from Cyclepages for about 212.00. Works very well - 1 finger braking is the norm. Careful - bonnie and thrux brake parts are NOT as a general rule interchangeable. Different size rotors and different mounting points on the fork legs. As a bonnie owner get some EBC HH pads for you stock caliper - that’s your biggest bang for the buck. The 6 piston works well and I think they fit Bonnies - Mike would know. Its a very nice upgrade. Then get a floating 310mm front brake rotor for even more improvement. But unless your hauling down from 100+ MPH straight away speeds all day long (I ride with LEO's so I can get away with this) the stock brakes work just fine, particularly with the EBC HH pads.


TT Racer
This set-up works very well - the WAVE rotor is more glamor than funtional, but the pretec 6 pot caliper and EBC HH pads, with the floating rotor = GREAT BRAKING. Very easy - 1 finger, great control and modulation.



TT Racer
Thrux Brake upgrade for T100. Parts needed are Thrux fork lowers, Thrux 320mm floating rotor, and thrux fender mount and fender. This swap is fairly simple but the process of disassembling the forks can be a pain in the ass. AIR IMPACT WRENCH is your friend here - along with the possible aid of a broom handle to provide even more friction if the first attempts fail. First try loosening the bolts at the bottom of the forks that hold the damper rods with the air wrench and the forks assembled (this allows the tension of the fork springs to help hold the damper rods in place) - on the thrux make sure the preload is as stiff as possible. If this does not work then tear the forks down, drain and remove all parts possible and then use a broom stick stuck down the fork tube to apply friction to the damper rod and then use the air impact. To seperate the lowers from the upper tubes compress the unit then Swiftly pull to full extension - think of a slide hammer - do this several times and it will safely remove the fork seals - be sure to remove the retaining clips on the seals first - or you'll be wondering why the hell THIS don't this work.

Once apart - replace the bonnie lowers with the thrux. The thrux lowers will NOT have the tabs for the fender braces - so either use the thrux fender set-up (which has a stiffer fender mount/fork brace) or BOB that bonnie fender. Next swap the bonnie rotor for the thrux piece - try to salvage the rotor mounting bolts as they are God awful spensive. Use generous locktite blue to reinstall the bolts. remount your caliper and be sure it's bled of air - now may be a good time to replace that front brake fluid - if it looks like coffee - your WAY over due. Also examine the fork seal and dust seals for damage /wear and replace if needed.

The fender mounting bolts will need to be shortened as using the thrux parts with the bonnie 19" rim will move the fender closer to the wheel about 1/2 inch - so be sure proper clearance is established.

If your into polished fork lowers - now is the time. Fork gaiters - now is the time. Upgraded fork springs and fresh fork oil, EBC HH pads - now is the time.