The OFFICIAL Triples Picture Thread

Here's mine

2003 Sprint RS with 40,000 trouble free kilometres on the clock.

I'm running Pilot Power 180 rear with a PP2CT up front. :)

It has to be the best bike that I have ever in 35 years. The only mods that I have is the Triumph Carbon Can and an 18 tooth front sprocket. It doesn't need anything else IMO..

Can I see yours now????

My mother always said that "if you can't say anything nice"



No "good" photos yet, as I just pulled it into the garage late yesterday. As named by my 6 year old boy, may I introduce "The Goblin" (my boy's original name for it was "The Booger"). A previously owned 07 S3 with Arrow 3 into 1 full system (needs cleaning on the headers), flyscreen, lower cowling. This bike was kept very, very clean and maintained. A good find and the seller will become a riding buddy as well. Came with all of the stock bits (exhaust, rear fender, lights, etc). Now off to get rid of the chicken strips...