Polish pipes with ___________ ?

Hi, I have a new to me 2009 Bonneville. I know there will be some blueing of the engine pipes, but is there a product that will polish them up a bit?

Let me know if something has worked for you

Polishing them is a waste of time and effort, the pipes are single wall , thin and will only return to the lovely blue in a few miles.
Blue pipes are a sign that you are a rider , not a poser :C
I spent the better part of two or three DAYS polishing mine to bring them back to a brilliant chrome finish, only to have them go right back to being blue after my next ride. Unless you want a garage queen or fully customized show bike, it frankly is not worth the effort.


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I have stainless steel headers/pipes and they go gold instead of blue, so you could switch to stainless if you don't like blue!