Nor Cackalackey


Hail from the ville...fayetteville.

I think I like this place better than the other. I don't mind the occasional F-bomb being dropped and I appreciate scantily clad females. Sarcasm is a huge +. It's also nice to know that if I ask a stupid question or have a stupid idea, y'all will put me back in check and I am hoping with very little PCness.


ps...for those who care...
I got the less expensive Megaphones on my Thruxton (finally). They sound great!
Pics next week.


American Infidel
Welcome aboard TommyGun - Correct me if I'm wrong but is that an Ape taking a shit in a toilet bowl that ya got there for an Avatar? :confused:


Thank you Hedge.
It's a howler monkey and I think he's finished since his readers digest is obviously on the floor and he is reaching for the TP. :)


NBR founder
That's the correct phonic spelling of the State? Hmm ... seems like there's a T missin.

welcome to the show.