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I lost my damned key...and my backup key.

Can a dealer decode my vin and get me a key cut?
Can a good locksmith pull from my lock cylinder and create a new key?
Any other ideas?


Nathaniel Simpson


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I can't answer that but only tell you what I have heard or read.

A true Triumph dealer can get you new keys using your vehicle id number. If you have the key code, they should be able to cut it for you. Otherwise, the keys will have to come from the UK. If the dealership is an add on to an existing bike dealership, they might say no.
Getting a locksmith to decode your ignition lock might be pricey unless you know someone. I have seen people saying a key blank for a Kawasaki will fit our ignition. It is a KA33. Another maybe is the ILCO blank X278.

The above info might be fairy tales. All you can do is see how far you get with this.

If you go to a Triumph dealer, ask them if they also have a complete ignition with keys in stock. <insert big laughs here>
If I were in this situation, I would just order a complete new ignition from World of Triumph after getting a 'no' from my dealer.

In your case you are looking at about $250 after shipping and then you will have to wait for the package to arrive. Have a look here:

I'm not trying to rub your nose in it but I have a spare set of my steering and ignition locks tucked away in a cabinet by the back door. I really hope you find at least one of your keys. Good luck.


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That sucks, I was just thinking I need to have another key made, only have 1.

Now for buying a new ignition, I had to buy one awhile back, it was MUCH cheaper used.


some locksmiths have the key blanks in ILCO brand. for 08 bonne the ign key #x278 and ka33 works, a little long but can be shortened, it dosen't have to be. for the steering lock use ILCO #PZ2, look at your lock key and you'l see the top stright edge has a slight bevel on one side, this is easy to copy on the new blank with a file.


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They had fallen into a box...probably had workout videos or some other kind of worthless crap in it.