FS: Vanson Sportrider pants

I purchased these used, tried them on and they’re too small, so I’m listing them again.

They’re tagged size 38, but fit more like a 36, which makes sense as Vanson’s website says “SIZE 34 ---Waist measures 36 inches ------Ease is 2 inches”. I take that to mean if I wear a size 38 jean, I would need a size 40 in the sportrider pants.


At the risk of public shaming and ridicule, I offer you a fit comparison.

Size 38 Levis 502's vs Vanson Sportrider. You'll notice with the Vanson pants, I was barely able to latch the button and I'm unable to zip up the fly or zip the side pockets shut. This is why I'd say they're more like a size 36 than a 38.

This from Vanson...For what it's worth, I hope it helps.

It is TAG SIZE (+2) and that puts you at fairly snug and "fitted" - its leather 2nd skin, which would only get tighter with hip armor.

If room is needed you want to go up one size tag which would add another (+2) over natural waist.

Me, size 38 jean, I would have wanted a TAG 40 (+2) to put me at a 42 natural waist which would be slightly larger than I am for movement.

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