Blowing fuse and Oil weep

Well went for the 08 EFi Bonnie and overall very happy and have covered just over 1k so far and couple of issues have appeared and I'm wondering are they common and if so couldn't find them on the search option. It has 16.5k on the clock, new battery in 2016, heated grips although no fuse in there currently and not used apart from when buying and checking it over.

1. Rocker cover weeps oil on left hand side, bolts are torqued correctly and new gasket installed.
2. About 4 weeks ago a 10amp fuse blew for the ignition, thought it was one of those things, however today I just about got home but it took 4 fuses. I'll be checking all connectors, but could it be a reg/rec issue I felt it each time and it wasn't hot or anything.

Any comments appreciated.
Also check for bare wires in the headlight. The insulation can be rubbed off causing your problem. Maybe under the tank also.


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First, I don't think you have a 2008 if it is EFI... 2008's were still carbureted... and I have one. Probably a 2009. I agree with qwenzel that you need to check your wiring harness for a short... especially in places where the wires can move and can wear away the shielding. The valve covers weeping is a common issue as the gaskets are difficult to install properly... even for a qualified Triumph tech. Only way to address it is to install new ones correctly. If it is only a small weep, I would just keep wiping it up until you need the valves adjusted, and have it fixed then.
Registered late 08 and EFI, not carb. Checking bike over Sunday so hopefully can identify something if not cheers. New gasket installed in 2017 and yes, valve clearance due at 18k, so for me that will be a 2019 job.

Cheers for feedback..
Took saddle, tank off and headlight and checked all block connectors and all fine nice greased up. Checking around head stock could see no issue with wire harness in chaffing etc. I didn't cut into the harness cover/tape unless I saw any wearing which I did not. The ignition switch I took apart and connection all seem in good condition so all I did was to clean them up. So put it all back together started up fine so went out on a run first 10 mile fine then 10amp fuse blew again this was on/at a constant throttle at about 70mph. Pulled over changed fuse and had to do this another x3 times in 10yds/30feet, so stuck a 20amp in to get me home this is when everything seems to have gone haywire.

Got off the A3 (main raod nr me in UK) the engine management light and low fuel light kept coming on together and the engine was cutting out and/or hunting; it was like a switch the lights went out then fine for a few yards then back on again. Anyway struggled home and have rechecked all connections nothing loose or signs of shorting, fuses now correct but management light staying on. So it's gone from a blowing fuse to a unrideable bike currently; any pointers/advice would be appreciated at this point.

I'm going to speak to a dealer tomorrow and see what they think problem will be getting bike there. I've looked into a Reg/Rec and forum mentions good aftermarket part and MOSFET seems to be mentioned a lot so will be looking at getting one of these a Triumph parts I'm quoted £200 +vat (shock horror and what a rip off as forums don;t seem to find them any good).

On the oil weep I fitted additional washers under the cam cover bolts so we will see, will re-check torque again. I know you guys mentioned 10nm, Haynes manual mentions 14nm?

Thanks have seen this and now saved for reference.

The fuse in question is the 10amp ignition one second one in from the right to left front row. After checking the harness first time I reconnected all back up and started it up and did move/squeeze the harness and no apparent problem and as I said first 10 miles of the run was fine. I'm just about to get out into garage now and strip back down and recheck again before I pop to a dealer to ask some questions. Thanks for all the response so far will keep you updated.
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Many thanks "rbikey" will start checking into the looms starting at the ignition one first, will do this before dealer if no joy. Question is the loom wrapped in normal insulation tape or is there a specific one I should buy if you know; I'm about to google as well.


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I used some stuff I picked up at Harbor Freight Tools store called "liquid tape" which is essentially a liquid rubber that you can paint on like glue, and it dries to a flexible rubber/plastic coating. I use the heat shrink stuff on most everything, but in this case there was no way to slip the heat shrink over the wires. Good luck!
First, I don't think you have a 2008 if it is EFI... 2008's were still carbureted... and I have one.
Me too. But the OP is in the UK and they got the EFI a year earlier than us. There are some 2008 EFI up in Canada too.

Not sure how a bad R/R would blow the ignition fuse? If the battery is otherwise charging fine I'd discard that theory. Suspicious that the previous owner felt the need to remove the fuse on the grip heaters. I'd take a close look at how that was wired in.

As for the valve cover weeping ... so very standard for these bikes. Most important thing is: Don't try and resolve it by tightening down on the cam cover screws. They are shoulder screws and adding torque does not add extra pressure on the gasket, just on the threads. They screw into the cam cover holders which are very soft metal and cannot be replaced. So, you want to be careful to keep to the 10Nm torque, not very much.

First fix to the weeping is to ignore it, maybe wipe it off occasionally. If that doesn't work, just taking the cam cover and gasket off then cleaning the surfaces and reassembling has worked for me. It has worked many times .... which may mean it didn't work well? :) The third thing to try is to replace the rubber washers (p/n T1260337 , need four) under the cam cover screws. The old washers may come out hard. I think the factory may glue them in. Pry them out and clean the remaining rubber out carefully. The cam cover gasket shouldn't need to replaced, but it is ten years old now. Maybe it wouldn't hurt (p/n T1260967).

Some people install a flat washer over the rubber washers (or below?) to get some more pressure on the gasket. I haven't found it necessary though.
Fuse continued/update: Well, I've have stripped half of the harness so far and no issues detected. Have put cable ties on wiring that spurs out to other components so as when I re-tape up I'll have an idea; will do the spurs off first then main one last. I've run the engine on a couple of occasions as I've moved on and squeezed/moved the wiring around, but so far no problem. This weekend I'm going for continuity testing and see if this throws anything up. I think I'll replace the reg/rec as a precautionary measure. I'm getting one from M&P which has MOSFET technology at £83 rather than the Triumph one at £240; will be fitted after all back together and test run done.

Cheers for now
I'm moving the harness and blocks around when checking continuity. As mentioned halfway through; I'm stripping back in parts 4-6" a time as when it comes to re-wrapping that will be a pig I think. I'm just entering the section at the end of the tank and saddle meet and it goes into the air box area so just deciding if to take air box out for ease which will be the case I think. It's just one of those jobs that is a nuisance to say the least; I'd rather be riding but hopefully get it sorted and that will be it fingers crossed.

Re-wrapping the loom is going to be fun as I'm sure it wont be as nice as before and I'll be getting other half involved.


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Thanks for the update... keep up the good work! I hope you don't end up inspecting and re-wrapping the entire loom only to discover it was the regulator/rectifier or some other component!
Well been a while so re-wrapped loom after finding no apparent issues and continuity checking all wires into and out from fuse 4 plus any linked in circuits and all SEEMED ok. Went out for a spin today 4/12 first 22 miles great gradually built the speed up keeping to the nearside just in case and trying various constant speeds 45/50/60/70 and occasional 80+ to pass traffic so decided to go round some back roads bang it's gone put one in ignition on bang again. Right lets head home next 10/12 miles ok then the final bit I went through 9 fuses (i was carrying spare just in case), so bugger not resolved.
Next get the MOT sorted hopefully it will pass if the fuse holds up then I'll take it off the road and consider what next in terms of components to change, so have a happy Xmas I'll be giving the wife a list so I know what I'll be getting hmmm.
I'm in two minds at moment. Selling to a dealer to resolve the issue whom would hopefully have more insight to electrics than I do and getting a 2018 T120; if I keep I will start the process of reg/rec then possible change the fuse box and go from there but thanks for response.

Well update at 7/12 - keeping bike have just sourced a second hand wiring loom so will strip out current one place this in once I've continuity checked all that I can and see what happens, also ordered a non std rec/reg with MOFFAT tech £83 compared to Triumphs £250 and if all this doesn't work then look at others things and go from their. Will keep you informed if I find anything and hopefully update in the new year, cheers and be merry I was last night..
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Further update 14/1. Over the Xmas/New Year did not do as much as expected or should have done. Put it in a bubble though.

Anyway after much more head scratching I decided not to strip the loom any further but focus on the wiring diagram and all things leading to fuse no.4. So I thought right deal with the peripherals that affect or plug in and test/try so fitted replacement reg/rec from M&P (uk bike accessories etc.) which has the MOFFAT tech inside.

So went for a 48 mile spin various speeds with constant throttle at 40, 50, 60, 70 + hit some potholes not deliberately and no problem; so plan for a further ride but longer and see if it's solved. If it is I'll advise and be annoyed as this could have been sorted so much earlier and a reasonable simple fix, fingers crossed and happy new year to all.