battery life


the battery in my 05 Thruxton died yesterday @ the DMV of all places
the bike started fine in the morning but after a 75 mile ride it was toast??
it was only 9 year old
it's a carb bke so a series of bump stops saved the day's riding


on a side note, the "technician" at the loal Advance Auto shop told me to drain the battery and put in fresh acid to revive it
yes I told him it is a sealed gel batery
and no I did not buy an Advance Auto battery
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9 definately got your money's worth. My original OEM battery went out about a month ago. Lasted 6 years.


First battery on my 2003 lasted a good long time, think maybe 5 - 6 years.
9 years is great...


I have always exercised my batteries and used a "battery tender". I just don't leave the BT sitting I actually stop the charge for awhile IF I am not riding and then hook up again……I have not had any real problems with stock or after market batteries.


I sold my 2003 T100 to a friend and he's still running with the original battery. A year ago I replaced the original battery in my 2001 Kawasaki W650, it was 11 years old. I average 8-10 years life with all my batteries. I don't expect that out of the batteries in my new cars or bikes though. I always maintain my batteries properly.


I bought a genuine BMW battery for my R80.
Made by Exide. It lasted 3 weeks.returned it to the dealer.
It had a bad cell.
Got another one under warranty.
It lasted a week.
Another bad cell. Got another one under warranty.
It lasted a bit more than a year.
Bad cell again but this time it's out of warranty.
Bought an AGM battery off the interweb.
Hope it lasts as long as the Wal-Mart garden tractor battery I had in the bike before = 8 years
3 bad batteries from the same manufacturer.