A "cool" oil cooler alternative to the stock oil cooler


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Have you ever dreamed of getting rid of that ugly stock oil cooler for a more authentic retro look, and increase your cooling capacity in the process? The Bonneville Performance T6 aluminum oil cooler kit is the answer! The old cooler is made of turbulated billet aluminum and the kit includes A&N fittings, Teflon inner and S/S braided outer lines.

Check it out at http://bonnevilleperformance.com/product/oil-cooler-kit/



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Steve, aka "Rodburner" did a homebrew "oil in frame" removing the oil cooler and running oil directly thru the OEM down tubes. Very innovative and one of the first to do it on one of the new Hinckley Bonneville I think.

He's since parted and sold off most of his Bonneville, and the oil in frame tubes went to another member, but as far as I know, he never had any issues with his DIY job.

I'm not sure what the etiquette is anymore with posting outside links to TRAT, so I apologize if this is no longer considered appropriate. Feel free to delete the link if needed, I thought it was good information to share.



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The oil in frame conversion is still in service and hasn't caused a bit of grief on my machine...kudos to Steve (a.k.a. Rodburner) for his forward thinking and mad welding skills.


FWIW, the bike actually runs cooler with the OIF conversion due to the un-shrouding of the cylinder head/cleaner airflow over the motor. My guess would be that the same would be realized using Bill Gately's alternate cooler design.


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I have one of the older versions of this cooler, and I really love the way it looks, much cleaner than stock. I like the black tubes, is that anodized or paint?


One of the things I've contemplated, but everytime I think about pulling the trigger something else arises. Very cool functional upgrade.


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Owenbrau, if you are referring to the Bonneville Performance kit, those turbulated T6 aircraft aluminum tubes are anodized... not painted and includes A&N fittings, Teflon inner and S/S braided outer lines and mounting clamps.