2004 spoke wheels on a 2014 Mag?


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Hi all, new here. Just got my first Bonneville a couple weeks ago. 2014 Mag with 9890kms. Previous owner didn’t wash it much, apparently, but mechanically all seems well. Since he didn’t wash it very frequently, the rims are pitted and kinda gross, and I like the spike style, myself. I found some spoke rims online for a great price, off a 2004 Bonneville. Will they swap without a problem? I’ve read that the Mag has a wider-set fork or something? Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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Welcome to New Bonneville Riders! I'm happy for your newfound 2014 mag Bonnie! The wheel size on your model is 17" in. diameter. The spoked wheels from the early 2001-2015 air-cooled Bonneville's are 19" dia. front and 17" dia. rear. So, you can't easily swap the mag wheels for spoke wheels without doing lots of other modifications as well. Better to just find some newer mag wheels in better shape, or perhaps consider having your current wheels cleaned and powder-coated.