07-09 Speedmaster questions

I upgraded my front caliper to a pretexh six pot- factory Bonneville (2007) master cylinder has an 11mm bore and doesn’t push enough fluid, imo, to the break.
So i would like to replace it with a Speedmaster Master cylinder (which has a 13mm bore- i am under the impression, via ordering diagrams, that the handlebars for a SM come 1” stock. Can any one verify this??
Also, are the wiring harnesses the same for the controls? I believe i can just use my old cluster, but if i must swap it out...




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I did this master cylinder upgrade on my 2008 Bonneville when I upgraded to the Brembo front disc brake. There was a slight improvement. And yes, these were designed for 1" bars. The connections from the wiring control harness are identical.


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The upgrade to the larger 13mm bore master cylinder (from the America or Speedmaster) is literally a replacement of one Triumph part with another. Everything else stays exactly the same... wires, levers, etc. The two parts appear the same on the outside because they are - only the inside bore dia. is different. The upgrade does produce a slightly firmer front brake feel which is an improvement. However, if you really want a radical change, I recommend replacing the entire front brake system with the Beringer Brakes master cylinder, lever, caliper, and rotor. OMG, what a difference! I can now control my Bonneville with one finger on the brake, it is that good! You can purchase the entire Beringer Kit through Bonneville Performance - https://bonnevilleperformance.com/product/beringer-front-brake-4-piston-caliper/ - https://bonnevilleperformance.com/product/beringer-front-brake-full-floating-rotor/ - https://bonnevilleperformance.com/product/beringer-radial-brake-master-cylinders-levers/ - https://bonnevilleperformance.com/product/beringer-clutch-levers/ - https://bonnevilleperformance.com/product/beringer-clutch-and-brake-switch-kit/


That’s a nice set up! Are those thruxton controls?? I was contemplating a switch if possible.
I’m running a free float EBC , with a 6 pot pretech - and definitely need more fluid,


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The electric controls and switches are from later model Bonneville's that use the 7/8" bars and separate master cylinders. I had to sand the center holes to fit 1" bars... there is enough extra plastic that it can be done. I also had to do some minor wire splicing to use the Beringer clutch and brake switches instead of the Triumph ones. All-in-all it worked out well.
I picked up a 2007 Speedmaster mastercykinder: new through B.B.-
Drastic difference on my 6 pot caliper campairsd to stock ! For the money can’t beat it- if i redo the controls i kill upgrade them for sure