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    Factory Bobber

    factory bobber and factory chopper are two words that don't belong together
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    2010 Street Triple

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    Engine Removal Project

    Jim Hamlin/Hamlin Cycles LLC. He was the tech at Branchville before they folded. Now has his own shop.
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    Engine Removal Project

    There's a top notch Triumph guy in Bethel, CT if you need one.
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    Apperently Im not supposed to wear My USA jacket while on my Bonnie?

    A**Clowns. maybe the H-D jacket should say "some parts made in Japan." Or, you could have replied 'at least I don't have a stuffed animal sitting on the trunk".
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    2010 Street Triple

    Sale pending
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    2010 Street Triple

    First 6500.00 takes the bike.
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    2010 Street Triple

    Wife's Street 3 for sale. 2600 miles. Yep. Only 2600. Triumph comfort seat, extra Seth Laam seat, Triumph adjustable leavers, and Triumph color matched flyscreen. Bike is Diablo Red. Small scuff on left indicator and lower case-she slipped at a stop in the wet. $6995.00 Bike pics...
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    New Bonnie - need opinions

    Get Bungie Buddies-hook to the bottom holes of your license plate and cover the rear two hooks. With the spools on the shocks to take care of the front hooks it's a great way to mount a tail/seat bag. You may also look at a Parabellum fairing for Bonnies.
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    Want a cafe/bratstyle bonnie....

    Jim Hamlin up in CT. He is a Triumph master mechanic and worked at Twisted Throttle. I've seen his work. As good as it gets.
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    Sidecar Opinion Survey

    Almost forgot. I've heard great things about Bill Cozy in NJ. Seems like his customers are 100% happy with his work.
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    Sidecar Opinion Survey

    I've e-mailed with Jay but did not use his service. Like I said, I wish I would have used his Triple Clamp when it was all said and done. I got my car thru our dealership as we are a dealer for COZY. I put on an INDR which is almost the same (same factory I believe) but a bit smaller and...
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    Sidecar Opinion Survey

    Your call. I hacked my Bonnie. All I all, it was a good experience. If I do another I will get a modded Triple Tree from Jay at DMC Sidecars. Having put several thousand miles on the hack it became obvious that front end geometry for a hack would have been superior to simply bolting it on as...
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    The rise of the Metrosexual

    Wish I had hair to dye!