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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    I had my '07 set up that way too and really loved it. Nice to get to the rear wheel without having to take them off too plus the up-sweep look is really great.
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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Did you put Thruxton headers on it?
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    odd carb goo

    The problem with ethanol is WHEN there is water evident, and water always finds a way, you get phase separation. Phase separation: If you can ensure there is no presence of water, ever, none, zilch...from the refinery to...
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    Thanks Lach for that and likewise. I hope everyone has a great T-day...I know I have a lot to be thankful for! :cheers:
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    Broke my golden rule

    I had my clutch side cap rotting out and noticed it about a month ago. I'm glad I saw it first because I probably would have done what you did! Reminds me of that scene in the movie Sling blade when they were working on the mower and he asked if they checked to see if it had gas :D
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    forum needs a new post

    It's been quite a year and things have been real busy crossing back over to civilian life. But things are well and moving in the right direction.
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    forum needs a new post

    I love this! Part of the reason I am heading up to Baxter's Cycle in a few weeks to look at a '67 & '69 T120!!
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    D9 online

    Good for you sir! I just bookmarked the webpage and liked the FB one. Nice to see this is progressing more and more for you
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    NEW Bonnie

    I couldn't agree more and was my first thought looking at this bike. Don't forget the fake Amal carbs and fake pancake filters. And then how the fender/fender stays match up with it along with sprocket cover and heel protector. Feels like the space age meets up with the modern classic age and...
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    Hello from NJ

    A perfect bike to take to the boardwalk and get a Three Brothers slice! Where are you retiring from?
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    Sunset colors in the rainy season in Japan

    Red skies at night...sailor's delight
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    New water cooled Bonneville spotted

    I'm definitely interested and will be checking them out come September
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    t100 parts needed

    You can always try pinwalls for the things you come up short on. A really good business to deal with too.
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    I'm through with Bonnevilles

    This is a great bike and a pretty damn good value...:wave:
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    Jake's Ride to Julian, CA

    There is a bitter sweetness reading a ride report like this when you just get done having 6 inches of snow crap down on you! :mad: Good on you getting out on a ride to see the grandkids. Sounded like a blast.