Wifes T120 getting workwize.

photo9976.jpg attach202027.jpg I installed the Waxed Cotton bags, Bar end mirrors and Dart (Marlin) fly screen on my wife's bike this morning. A hundred mile test ride confirmed that the She wasn't getting beat up with chest wind, The mirrors are where they should be and if she wants to carry anything on a trip............she can.
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Are the bags on backwards?
I have them on my new thruxton And the part numbers put them the fat end forward


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Nice touring rig. Love the color. The bags look great. FWIW, I always mount slanted bags canted into the wind like yours are...otherwise, they look like they're holding on for dear life!

I also run those bar ends on my Thrux and they are the shit. Best bar end mirrors ever.
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Drlapo, I believe the bags are on correctly. Even if they weren't, they would be for me. They are astatically more pleasing and the slash back in the front allows for a passenger to place there feet on the foot pegs. I think if you google image the saddle bags, you'll find that this is the normal placement for most. If Triumph is changing that norm then it would all make sense as they are the ones to introduce (Movable sliding luggage) which is another completely amazing subject of wonder. (not a concept Id agree with)
This motorcycle thing is a great place to get creative and in some cases personal. I personally like to do things my way.


I have my bags on the other way around. Or maybe not.
As you put it the"slash" goes In the front. I have the slash to the rear
"In the eyes of the beholder"
And perhaps my old eyes can't tell from the photos
It fits the Thruxton better that way because of the upswept mufflers.
They are good looking bags either way.
They appear to be unaffected by a 200 mile ride in the rain (Saturday)
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I'd bet that it is to keep them, or the contents burning on the stock upswept exhaust as to why they should mount differently on the thruxton


So this saddlebags thing keeps bothering me.
So I looked at the bags again.
The mounting pockets on the back of the bag are tappered
This allows the bags to be mounted in only one direction.
On the Thruxton its fat end first
It seems that Triumph makes the bags a bit differently for the t120
Ha I'm right
So are you
Our 2014 Thruxton got blue but the T120 pipes are double wall (so they say) We haven't had the bike long enough but time will tell.
Drlapo, As a general rule, the front of cruiser style bags at the front tend to follow the swept (leaning forward) angle of the rear shocks. This function also allows heal room for a passenger to place there feet on the pegs. It totally makes sense that your bags would would taper smaller at the rear in order to clear the up swept pipes. I'll bet they look good. A picture would even be better. ;)