What tyres would you recommend

I have a 2012 Thruxton Bonneville, running on Metzlers. It doe not feel as if it grips well on corners and tracks badly on uneven surfaces. Anyone had this before? if so what tyres do you use.?


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Michelin Pilot Activ's. I replaced my Metzeler's with them after running only Metzeler's for 10 years. Big difference.


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I like the Avon Roadrider series that they keep improving, or the Dunlop Roadsmart series that they also keep improving. Both companies seem to understand what the modern Triumph bikes need to perform better that the stock OEM tires.


Big fan of the Avon roadriders. I have them on 4 bikes. Only got 6000 miles out of the rear tire on my 05 Thruxton


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For bias tires, the best grip is Pirelli Sport Demons. Expect to change out the rear often. I hear good things on their Angel GT radials as well...but you have to stuff a 150 section tire in back to use them. I always drew the line at a 140 section due to the 3.5 inch rim width...
thanks for the posts. I did try dropping the pressure from the recommended pressure and it felt a bit better (going to order some tyres)