What helmet?


Nolan helmets are the only ones I have been happy with. I have had 3 of my last 4 as a version of the Nolan n-100. The 4th was a cheap imitation that lasted only til I could get another Nolan.
I have two. Both 3/4 DOT. Both have good air vents (front & rear). I like the Bell modular helmet (on left), especially with the two visors, one clear, one dark - both anti-fog. My favorite though would be the black Speed and Strength - I refer to it as my hooligan lid. It's much lighter than the Bell.



I wear a 3/4 Bell 500 Custom. Since Triumph has a wide range of offerings (street, cruiser, adventure, classic, etc.) you'd be hard pressed to find a consensus for helmets, but among the classic riders, the overall style is best represented by Davida. Though the brand itself isn't particularly common, the look is often emulated.


Street Tracker
Shoei RF1200 for riding my Bonneville America and a Biltwell Tracker for when I'm on the T100R