What helmet?


I have a friend in the high end helmet business.
He told me that riders of certain brands tend to buy certain brands of helmet
As an example BMW riders like Shuberth.
I have an Arai and a Davida
I'm trying to work a deal on a 6D
What do you have?


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So no JC Whitney specials?
The 6D helmet looks good but $900 is a bit rich for my blood.
I'm trying to work a deal on one


I've got a bell bullitt, and just picked up a replacement bell star full face as my old one had seen plenty of texas summers and track time. Really like the stars. Fit my head shape great, flow lots of air, lightweight and comfortable. The new star is probably the best flowing helmet ive ever tried, and then when you close the vents it isn't whistly or loud either. Not to mention the new bell screens. WOW. fantastic optics.

Previously had a shoei rf-1000.


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No pattern yet.
Maybe triumph riders don't fit the model
well I have the Arai Phil Read replica, same as bluesforchallah, plus one of the Bell 500 Scratch open face helmets

the Arai has been the most comfy helmet I've worn for years and the Bell is great for short summer trips


I have two helmets I wear, bell star carbon for everyday riding and an old school refinished bell trailstar helmet if I'm just headed somewhere local


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I have three helmets. The one I use the most is a Davida open face. I have had it for 8 years. Love it. The second is a Nolan full face, wear it occasionally and the third is an AGV full face that I wear while riding my BMW K75S. I am an old fart and grew up with the open face Bells so I am most comfortable with the Davida. I wear the Davida with the Norton Commando, the Nolan with my 2007 Bonnie Black and the AGV with the BMW. Hope this helps, Craig
I can vouch for the Arai Vector, very comfy for long trips. real leather inside and looks like it is hand stitched by artisans
but use a black open face with dark sunnies when trying to look cool amongst the Harley crowd