Wanted: Main Wiring Harness for Carbed Thruxton


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My main wiring harness rubbed through and shorted out a bit ahead of the ignitor box...so it looks like a new main harness is the best solution. Please be gentle. Both the coil and ignitor box went south on me when the harness failed, so I'm already sitting on an inflatable donut.



Street Tracker

Yes, that appears to be similar to what I'm after. My '04 Thruxton has part number T2500363 on the main harness....online resources list T2500366 and T2501516 as the correct part number (depending on engine number). Odd that my bike's harness doesn't match the listed parts. All in all, this begs the question as to the differences in the harnesses from model to model. Probably wiring lengths to match bar heights, but need to figure that out. I can't see why any carbed T100 or Thruxton harness wouldn't work. Please give me some time to sort out the differences.

In the meantime, let me know how much you're looking to get out of the harness....also might be interested in the coil and in the ignitor. Thanks for offering up your spares to get me back on the road.