Want a cafe/bratstyle bonnie....


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... but I don't have the skills, at all. Nor the time or inclination to get them. Please don't lecture me about how much better about myself I'll feel, etc. etc. - I've got mroe self-improvement projects than I can shake a stick at.

But what I don't have is any clue where/how to find a good wrencher to entrust FUN UP to to achieve the conversion.

Any suggestions??


BlueJ.....what do you want? I have sold my engine. I now have a rolling frame and a garage full of parts. IE....clip ons, Mbars, high pipes, fender slim, headlights, seats, etc. .....you could pick the color, frame up, small cafe/brat tank, ....send me pictures ......I have painters, powder coaters, I fab exhaust systems......if interested contact me on [email protected]


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Jim Hamlin up in CT. He is a Triumph master mechanic and worked at Twisted Throttle. I've seen his work. As good as it gets.
Jack Geoghan at Deer Park Cycles in Eldersburg MD, practically in your back yard. He restores old bikes, especially British, as well as doing upgrades and repairs to all kinds of bikes, and is worth a visit just to have a chat and see his current projects.

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