Very simple Question: How do you extend your sidestand?


Dear All,

Was wondering how you lower your sidestand? I use my heel on the ball part, but now I have put my twin pipes back on it is rather tight and when my boot is wet, my foot sometimes slips.

I just want to check that I'm not being a complete moron and missing a better way of doing it? Hooking your foot around the arm maybe?

Anyway, completely easy question...



Use my heel on the ball part as well, couple of times I've got sloppy and tagged the gearshift lever on follow through resulting in an embarrassing stall. Better way anyone?


Street Tracker
Here's a thought. Drill and tap the little ball to accept a 1/4" X 1" bolt (grade 5 or better). Round off the hex head a bit with a grinder. Slip on a 1/4" I.D. piece of rubber hose over the bolt and then finger tighten the bolt in the threaded hole. Secure it with some blue LocTite. That little ball has pissed me off a few times.


Cafe Racer
I took a torch and heated up the bend of the heel plate that the ball is on. I got it real hot and then took a rubber mallet to the ball and tapped it out slowly to make a straighter line out of it. I made the heel ball more prominent and easier to get out


Street Tracker
^That's a much simpler solution. That little ball is so tight against the pipe, I worry more about marring the pipe with my heel. Still a pita when you miss it or slip off of it trying to put the stand down. I am going to try this and can't wait to see the result.


Two Stroke
I use my heel. I had no problems with the stock pipes on, but when I fitted the Togas the ball was too close to the pipes, so I gave it a smack with a steel mallet. Didn't bother heating it or anything, just lined it up and swung, one good hit did the trick. That rod was much softer than I expected, it must be just plain old mild steel.