Uncrating and setting up a Rocket III


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As part of my part-time job in the service department of Windy City Triumph, I have had occasion to receive, uncrate and perform initial pre-delivery inspection (PDI) and setup of the Triumph Rocket III motorcycle... the largest displacement stock motorcycle available today. Even though I prefer to own and ride a Bonneville twin (background right), I have a real respect and admiration for this monster! Following are some photos of the pre-delivery process to get this beast ready for the showroom floor.



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1 - Remove outer cardboard shipping box, then disassemble the internal steel cage, leaving the Rocket III strapped to the base skid.
2 - Remove all tape and protective coverings.
3 - Strap front end to a hoist/lift to enable access to install front fender and wheel
4 - Once installed, remove all straps and tie-downs, and roll Rocket III off of the skid.
5 - Perform all Triumph factory required inspections, installations and computer software updates.
6 - Perform initial test ride (the fun part)!
7 - Check all factory required specifications and updates after the test ride.
8 - Sign off on the PDI spec sheet and roll Rocket III onto the showroom floor.