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Yeah - WTF?? It's just a bike. I find that it's best if I don't like something I don't say anything. I prefer to reserve comments for the positive. I like saying stuff about things I like. What's the point in saying how much you hate stuff, especially if you weren't specifically asked?

In this case I don't have any particularly strong feeling either way. I think the bike looks cool, even if it's not something I would choose to ride as my number 1. Who cares if McQueen's bike in the Great Escape was a Triumph posing as a BMW? It's a movie. Was it entertaining?

In the Battle of the Bulge (I think!) they used Korean War US tanks as the German tanks. Shame on them for not using genuine German tanks. In Back to the Future the band's guitar player plays a Gibson not produced until 1958 but the film is set in 1955. Does that make the film unwatchable? And Deloreans can't really go back in time. Gasp.

If the bike at the beginning of this post makes the guy who built it happy then it's a great bike. Everything else is just opinion or taste. I like seeing what other guys do. Sometimes it inspires me, other times it makes me feel smug and superior. :)


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I won a 2012 Steve McQueen Special Edition on 9/30/12. I bought 13 tickets at $10ea. (3500 total tickets sold) in a Red Cross Charity raffle and they picked my ticket.

As I bought a new 2010 T100 last year, and, the McQueen bike being essentially the same thing, I was able to apply the funds towards a different bike.

Really cool by the dealership.

I rode home on a 2012 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX.

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Hey...for the record this is the dudes site....he can do what ever the fuck he wants to do with the site and I fucking respect that. I wonder if the other sites would delete my "fucking". Anyway tell it like it is, don't say what you think people want to hear, be honest, and press on ;-))))

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The bike was a small controversy, Jeff's posts were the bigger controversy. I like Jeff, I like Bonafide.

But this is Bonafide's place and Jeff had to leave because of how he acted. Thats it guys, its not complicated - just like if someone called you an asshole in your house. They have to STFU or GTFO.


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Damn .. you guys still hashing on about this?

Jeff's a dick. He's always been a dick. Condescending, hypocritical and otherwise. He doesnt know shit about half the crap he bangs away on the keyboard about and anyone who triple dog dares me to ban them from this site will most certainly end with them being banned.

Otherwise .. I'm of the opinion, "ahhhhh ... whu ...have at it."