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Greetings to all New Bonneville Riders members.

Many of you have probably already learned that the largest online Triumph community - - was hacked in February. The owners - Verticalscope - did not think it wise to immediately alert their membership to this security breach, and have only recently publicly acknowledged the breach and sent password reset emails to members.

You can read many articles about the breach online, including here:

I want to let you all know that as the new owner of this forum, I will be transparent with you at all times about the site and its operations. I am committed to taking the necessary security precautions to prevent a security breach, and to keep using current best practices, software and platforms.

No one can guarantee absolute security, but I am committed to every reasonable option to protect your private information. It is my desire to provide the very best Triumph Motorcycle related user experience available on the Internet!

With your help and involvement, we can make that happen!




Thank you. My favorite part of this forum is the complete lack of trolls, there are none at all really. Keep up the good work!