Triumph Demo Days - Kennesaw, Ga


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Spent the past couple days helping out as a demo ride leader at the local dealership, Freedom Powersports. Pretty cool. Got to ride just about every bike Triumph has in their current line up. Only ones I missed were the Rocket III and the Tiger. That's cause they were always booked by folks wanting to test ride them constantly.

Here's some pics. That's me on the black Scrambler (w/arrow exhaust). Never ridden one and I was surprised at the difference in low end torque it has compared to our Bonnies. That and it's 270deg crank sound. Very cool bike and different enough from a Bonnie or Thruxton that I suggest you ride one of each before you decide what you want to buy.

My fav? The Speed Triple with a Street Triple as a close 2nd. I like speed, big nasty, bad ass speed and that's what the S3 delivers. The Street is fast, but where it shines is how light weight it feels and it's razor like handling.


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Sounds like some pretty cool duty. Not often you can get a chance to ride just about the entire lineup of a manufacturer.

Liked your insight into the difference between the Bonnies and the Scram. I'm thinking about selling my America (which also has a 270deg crank) and go for a T100.


Looked like a fun day Dude, and thanks for your insights on the bikes. It's not often you get the chance to ride such a selection of machines, of course it's the best way to decide what you do and don't like on a realistic basis and for yourself and your needs.
Thanks for the report....


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Did you ride the new GT model ??

The Sprint GT? ya know .. it really felt not different than a ST. Had different options is all that it looked like to me. They had a Big Bore T-bird. That was an odd ride to me. It has some idle vibrations to it, like a Harley - not as bad, but similar. I really didnt enjoy riding that bike. Felt like I was visiting an OBGYN with it's seating/peg (boards) locations. I suppose if you're into cruising down the long straight hwys/roads ... this would be your bike, but that's not my thing. Nice torque though.

The Daytona 675 is your typical sportbike. Like dating a supermodel. Fast, sexy, alluring, .. with the baggage of high maintenance. The high maintenance (to me) would be the constant need to visit a chiropractor. 30 mins on the bike and my wrist, neck, and lower back hurt. All of which would have been ignored if I was running it full tilt up US129.

What if anything did you hear about the new adventure bike ??

It's coming. I spoke with the CEO of Triumph USA a couple months back about the bike - 'it's coming' is about all you'll get and it's posed to be a direct competitor with the BMW F800GS. There looks to be all kinds of spy photos of it online. I'm very interested to see/ride it. I like the Tiger, but I dont like paying the insurance on a 1000cc bike. Not worth it to me.