Triumph Bonneville 2009 SE Clutch Slipping


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Hello Guys,

I bought a Bonneville 2009 SE couple months ago and been a blast to ride. However, Yesterday while pulling ip into my drive I accidently veered into patch of mud and ended up dropping the bike on the left side where the clutch shifter is located. when I checked the clutch shifter, it would shift smoothly between 1st gear and Neutral but would not shift from Neutral into second gear whether the bike is running or cold. I waited a while for the transmission to warm up and shift into second gear; still it would not shift unless I pull the shifter up with my hand. I also slacked the cable a little but no results. the nearest Triumph dealership or even a decent motorcycle shop is an hour and a half from where I live. Any tips or insights would be greatly appreciated.



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You most likely bent the shifter shaft which is a common problem when dropping a Bonneville on the left side. It means removing the left side cover, replacing that shift shaft and its seals, and putting everything back together. While apart, I would recommend changing the clutch plates and springs as well. You'll also need a new left cover gasket. I wrote a blog about this on my personal site here:

Let me know if you have more questions.