Triumph Bobber

I see that this is getting mixed reactions from Triumph owners, some seem to love the idea and other hate it. For myself it would be more a fun bike to own but not that practical as I need to ride two up most times. So what are your feelings on this one?


Staff member
I like it for the styling and the appeal it will have to other riders who may consider it rather than another motorcycle brand. I think it is good for the company and brand. As a Triumph Tech I have unpacked them from the crate and performed the pre-delivery setup which includes test rides and Triumph software updates. I enjoy riding them and experience of the overall power, handling and styling. They are very well designed and manufactured, like all Triumph products. However, I would not buy one for myself as I find the traditional Bonneville setup to be more to my liking and riding needs.
I am also liking it but as I said would not purchase one as it would turn out being a once a month type ride for myself and the cost just does not justify that.
I really like it A LOT. Not sure if I would trade my Bonnie for one.... I have it just the way I want it, and I'm not ready to move on.