Thruxton 900 as first bike?


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Hi just wondering what you guys think of the thruxton 900 as being a good first bike? I just passed my MSF course and am now on the market for a motorcycle. I found what appears to be a very well maintained 2010ish thruxton with just less than 10k miles on it. It appears to be all stock components and the owner is asking $4000 or best offer. I understand that this is a heavy/large displacement bike which isn't usually recommended for beginners. However I am now approaching my mid 20s and in medical school and would like to think I have left my more reckless days behind me. I did some riding on a friend's 1982 HD sportster so I have some sort of idea what a heavy bike will be like. Are these bikes reliable enough to spend $4000 on with that kind of mileage? The other bike Ive been looking at is a used 2015 KTM RC390 (i know very different bike) with less than 2000 miles on it for about $3500 dollars but Ive heard mixed things about that bike in terms of reliability especially that model year.
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A 9 y/o Thruxton with only 10k miles is a good deal at $4k. Try and get it a little cheaper. As far as reliable. Is a brick reliable, pretty much describes a Triumph Twin. The only thing to worry about are the brake pads and age of the tires. Also when was the last oil + filter change done ? If you still have your doubts, take it to a Triumph dealer and have them go over it. If the current owner won't agree to that, walk away and don't look back !