Thinking of Going Green


Cafe Racer
I comes the ass chewings!! Seriously though, the creamsicle is a keeper and isn't going anywhere. But I am giving serious thought about picking up a 2014 Kawasaki Versys. I have a job in Kansas City now and looking at a pretty long commute until we buy a house this summer. So I am kind of looking for a mule/every day beater kind of bike and the value of this bike is pretty hard to beat:

#1 I like the riding position
#2 It's a parallel twin
#3 I can get the hard case luggage and heated grips thrown into the deal
#4 Tank size
#5 Gas mileage

Anybody have one of these bikes? Ridden them? I do like the Tigers but it seems Triumph likes to associate with BMW or something and they are out of my price range. I'm looking at less than $6,000 brand new and as I said...I want an everyday commuter/mule. We shall see...


Sure, why not. Was bike of the year or in it's class when it came out. My brother, a Triumph guy, rented one while in England and liked it. I would like to get a KLR maybe, which is also green :D but I think I'll hold out for the Ducati. Another good choice for a daily beater is a Wee Strom comes with small sticker, upright ergos and a go anywhere attitude, added bonus the resale, at least here is very good unlike the Versys. Like you, the Tiger is above my price point, though they are starting to come on the used market.


Cafe Racer
The more I am reading about this bike, the more I like it. Keep in mind that this is going to be my daily commuter...a mule bike. So I want bang for my buck, reliability, functionality and a pretty easy experience to get parts & dealer support. Tax season here we come!! This might be the first time in my life that I actually buy a new motorcycle. Of course it will be either a 2014 or hopefully a 2013 left behind on the floor so I can haggle them down even more...oh yeah...and go to the dealer to buy a bike during a snow storm! :D
If MPG is high on your list, I highly recommend the Honda NC700X. My girlfriend has one and gets nearly 70 MPG. Its got decent power and lots of storage options just like the Versys. Maintenance on it is stupid easy also.

We did a 2 up long distance ride from San Diego to Heart Castle and it was no problem at all. Very comfortable riding position for both the rider and pillion. The only change I would recommend is getting a much bigger windscreen. With the "Frunk", a top case, and saddlebags, you can store obsene amounts of stuff.