The rise of the Metrosexual


The author of the article is pretty wordy IMHO.
He yammers on like a typical college student who knows everything, and yet knows little, no life experience, no living done yet.
He makes a few points that are salient when it comes to the rise of feminism and the changes it caused in society overall. Not necessarily a bad thing, again IMHO.

I still wonder, can he change the oil in his yet to be acquired motorcycle, or adjust a set of points on the side of the road in the dark during a rain storm.:wave:


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I waded through this until I got to the point where he credits Triumph's return from the dead to the manufacturing of the modern classic range of machines...which we all know is not the case. Reading his speculative analysis on why men buy motorcycles - essentially a materially-purchased replacement for a set of balls - is one thing, but to listen to him try to bolster his arguments with half-truths warranted a reading stoppage.

Dunno about you all, but I ride for the thrill of it. It was what got me to buy my first bike - the shit eating grin was plastered on my face for hours following that first test ride - and it's what keeps me riding 30+ years later. I could give a crap about being a part of any particular subculture - be it the cafe racer/rockers, cruiser pirates, or sport bike crowd.

Overall, this kid needs to quit analyzing why he wants a bike and simply buy one....whether it is anything his is passionate about or not will be answered in short order. If he insists on keeping it despite not really enjoying the ride, then he can start analyzing why...


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I think he is speaking for his generation. Lots of them are purchasing Triumphs. Oh, let me correct that, lots of their parents are buyingTriumphs for them.

I love this, " It is an obsession with the vintage and retro manliness." This begs the question. Since I am 48 am I vintage manliness or an early model metrosexual?

I couldn't finish the drivel either.


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What this long winded piece of shit says is "We are nostalgic, and Triumph uses that in marketing." Wow, and he seriously does need a bike. He will learn, until then there is ample ridicule to be had on the internet.


Observations not entirely valid for sure. But there are a bunch of RUBs out there because they can afford a bike, Usually HD, and like to show off off among fellow RUBs.

Not why I ride but once you've got almost 50 years in the saddle it doesn't matter much anymore. You just ride when you can and enjoy it.

The NewBonnie I have was bought cuz I'm not a cruiser guy or a UJM go fast guy. It's just a nice standard bike. The other stuff that comes with it was a surprise. Lots of thumbs up from cagers and old farts like me who remember em back in the day. They were pretty then and they're pretty now.


Henry Hershey?? I think you know what kind of sexual he is, but more to the point, Bloor did not revive the company to crank out copies of 60's bikes they came later. I would like someone to take him for a ride on a Speed Triple to see him wet himself. Anyway I grew up with those wife beating alcoholic smokers bite me kid.


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Obviously the whole concept of the "Modern Classics" is absolutely a retro appeal. The Bonnie has a tremendous history and that part is only common sense. But I think the big question that the kid missed (due to lack of experience of spending time riding in this awesome industry) is it really the retro aspect the gave the Modern Classics its success or did it simply just open the door to customers? I argue that it opened the door to customers to re-introduce the marvelous aspect of function marrying artistic design and simplicity. How long was the market flooded with fairings that could rival a hang glider and cruisers that were designed for looks than use? Retro might of been the marketing niche but it's the functionality that is ensuring continued success and that is why the competitors are catching on to this again. And once again, the old Bonnie girl shows that function and sexiness can go hand in hand :D