The One Show

Valentines Day weekend. How more romantic could it get? :D

Seriously looking forward to it.


Last years show: Video credit goes to our own OregonThruxton.


Street Tracker
Thanks for posting that Chris. Wow, some nice stuff to be seen there. I bet this year will be much of the same. Makes me wish I still lived on the west coast. Used to go down to Seattle twice a year. Portland isn't much further.
It was a great weekend. Rode down with a few buddies and a few more caged it down.

One of my buddies girl was able to pull some strings and get into the show prior to opening on Saturday morning and got some great shots before the crowd showed up. At one point, the line to get into the show stretched over 3 blocks long. It was crowded, so trying to get any sort of decent photo that didn't also include a shot of some dudes ass as he stepped in front of the camera proved difficult.

Photo Credit to Barbara Fuentes: BMF Photography. One Motorcycle Show 2015

We had two Bonnevilles, two Scramblers, one Thruxton and one Trophy.


I'm the fat ass second from left:


Photo credit on this one goes to OregonThruxton, a member of this community as well:


And this is a video I shot of some of our ride from Seattle to Portland. As you can see, for being middle of February, we couldn't have asked for better weather. Temps were in the upper 50's low 60's with sun all weekend.

The video looks better in 1080p and set to full screen.


Blue….thx so much for the post/pics…..that is one "bad ass" looking bike group I would be honored to ride with ..