The next generation


LOL...sanjuro... thanks... must be your cameraman eyes, taking in the details...

ok, can't resist a little Mike Oldfield...
I wonder if you meant Barney Oldfield, #999 back in the early days of motorsport? Of course, Mike Oldfield did some soundtrack work for the Exorcist. That would explain the 666 thing. Damn, now I've confused myself.
Oh yeah.... Nice bracketry! Waterjet cut? Btw.... I spend a great deal of time in Southwest IL. What town are near?
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STLT100 - Millstadt area... I ride just to the get the hell out of SW Illinois and in to deep SE Missouri... :D
I seriously need to swing by your shop man. I'm in STL now, but used to live in Cape Girardeau.

I have a 2009 Thruxton that is dying to have your touch applied to it. :)

Loving the separated brackets you have going. Very slick shit!

Keep up the great work man.