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Saw the special edition 2010 thruxton SE - white with red frame - today at my dealers - a stunning bike! Better in RL than in pictures, by far. Among other interesting things, it had the new style gauges with indicator lamps built into the
gauge faces - very cool - and no speedo cable to the front wheel... super clean!

Next generation of brackets for the new instruments is in the works... ignition relo, oil pressure, or clock mount in the center, where the four indicator lamps used to be. Also working on some trick underbracket designs.
First ignition relo design is more or less a Lay Flat Sport with previous generation's indicators removed, ignition added, and everything
moved down / back toward the rider - also will be offered in an angled version... one good thing is this will be a substantially less expensive bracket to build as the housing for the four indicator lamps will no longer be necessary.



The new style instruments...

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Took pics at my dealer today - here are the new instruments / stock bracket and previous generation instruments / stock bracket compared.
Quite a difference... with the old style indicator lamps gone and subsurface LED's in the gauge faces... it's a whole new game.
IMO the new stock bracket looks like it's missing something ;)


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TT Racer
looks like they just inverted the stamp/die for the old bracket.

I agree the area looks a little empty... maybe some ingenious dude could fit an ignition switch there...?;)
I also saw this bike in the flesh recently. Have to say it still looked like a Ronald McDonald special to me. But each to their own. Also wondered why they never relocated ignition with the new speedo/tacho set up. Would have suited it better. Looks like a new generation of customers D9
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I really like the white faced gauges .......wish I had them on my bike.....REALLY NO NOT like the brackets......
"press on Seth" we Bonneville Thruxton riders need you......


LMT... agreed... new gauges with built-ins are sweet... the bracket looks odd.. vaguely amphibian to my
eyes, for some reason.


Two Stroke
Gauges looks nice, but I see that they lowered the max mph by 10 and raised the red line to 8500 rpm. Strange.

Nick Morey

Now you don't have the idiot lights tying them together. You could separate the clocks off each fork cap... old school, & you don't have to worry about idiot lights in the headlight bucket. Separated would be cool with M bars or Superbars, too.
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I actually like the old cluster better. I've always liked colored lights (except when they're flashing behind me). Although I have to say I really dig your CG cluster with the clock in the middle. I wish there were some way to incorporate a clock like that in my '05 with the original cluster. I constantly find myself glancing down to see the time, even though I know there is no clock there. Just my instinct says there should be one..

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In continuing develoment, prototypes inspired by the new generation of instruments, and very much influenced by a much
earlier era of instruments...


Center mounted instrument could be oil pressure gauge, ammeter, ignition, clock, A/F, etc...


Ignition relo to be available with or without LED's, depending on model year...




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I like Dick
Independent of your most recent creation, I personally love the unmarked LED config. you show...and a great option on your other bracket designs as well. If going with another bracket at some point, that is what I will go with.
Clean is where its at.
After 5 minutes of riding, don't need lens symbols to know which light is what. :)
Congrats Seth.

Sal Paradise

In continuing develoment, prototypes inspired by the new generation of instruments, and very much influenced by a much
earlier era of instruments...

Dammitt Seth, those pictures have been haunting me for the past month...probably should have chrome cups, eh?

I will need to do that, with the ignition relocation for my winter project...... I'm in. Let me know please....



any update on the 2010 SE D9 bracket development? lowing my bars this weekend and will want to do the instruments soon