Tank Badges

Hi all, just a quick one. I bought a T120 in September, new, and asked for the 4 chrome bar tank badges to be fitted before delivery. The bike arrived looking great, however, one month down the line with only 160 miles covered in dry weather only, one of the badges started to loosen. I contacted the dealer and a replacement set has been sent out. Should I have asked for the original badges to be given back to me or is it normal practice for the dealer to keep them?


Staff member
The dealer should have included the original tank badges as well since you paid for them as a part of the original T120. I would ask for them to be sent to you as well.
Yeah, when you bought the bike you also bought the accessories, which includes the original tank badges. They are yours and you should have them.
Cheers lads... thought so myself. I got the 4 chrome bar badges fitted and one started to fall off. Was in touch with the dealer and got another set sent to me, but after thinking about it, I never got original badges sent. I'll call dealer after holidays to enquire where they are.