Steet Triple coming from Bonnie....

I was looking at the 2012 STR at Armands in Halifax. Thing is nice. Especially with the Arrow LOW exhaust. Looks so good.... tempting..


Change is good.
Neuro, go for it :)
I commute daily and just did a 2K mile trip on my triple, cant beat it for either purpose. I have an option to take my wife's Bonnie black pretty much anytime, but haven't even thought about it since i switched over to the Streety.


Nice. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Without the lowboy 3-into-1 pipe (which looks freakin' amazing btw), pannier fitment looks to be challenging, but i'm up for figuring out haw to make it work.


I just went the other way. Three years of the Triple, the third gear wheelies <grin> the limited suspension travel, the abrupt throttle...thought I would get the old guy bike the T-100. Glad I did. It still has a fair amount of snot, the torque is identical as the ST3 but comes in sooner and the HP is there where I can use it not at over 11k which will lose you your license. Like they say diffrent strokes...


there is a company that builds a bag set for the triples. Zega. touratech usa imports them in the streetline catalog. you may also find them from twisted throttle. ping me if you need more info


Stopped by the dealer, they told me they sold my triple after only a week, cool I said, they just stood there grinning. "What?" Nothing.
Then I asked, "a girl bought it, right?"
"Yep." More grins.
"Actually of the 4 new bikes we sold 3 went to girls."
I replied :wtf: ever.
Speed triple guys like to dis the Street. :eek: Pisses them off it's a dead heat in the 1/4 :lol:


I just got an 08 black Street Triple
my son joined the Navy and now I have his bike
so now I have: 79 T140, 85 BMW R80S, 71 BSA B50, 05 Thruxton, 08 Street Triple, 11 Tiger 800
How will I ever choose??


the Street Triple went to Hawaii yesterday; my son is stationed at Pearl harbor
but now I have his 65 BSA Thunderbolt and 70 Triumph Trophy 250