smaller headlights


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Swapped to a 5-3/4" headlight cause I like the looks. This is a $33 bottom mount unit from eBay. Just figured i'd share for those of you who want to do the same but are apprehensive about the look:


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Looks good, though I would want it mounted just a little higher, not centered between the upper and lower but just a little higher... did you hide all the wireing mess under the tank? Any tips or picts of where you stashed all those connectors... very cool look you got goin on the bike. Cheers


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thanks, i got tired of the cafe look. it's a little ratty... different strokes, I guess. I need to re-do the wiring as it's just kind of stuffed underneath the tanks. I didn't buy the bracket from BC, just drilled a hole int he turn signal bracket and swiveled the mount 90* so it's more a "rear mount" haha

I'm going to re-wire the thing this winter and do away with the side covers.
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Wanted to do this to the Thruxton for a long time, just can't figure out getting all the wiring relocated


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Most likely. Could be from: Yama rd350, Yama R5, two BMW /5s, sears Allstate, BSA lightning, triumph tr6, Honda dream, Honda s90, Suzuki Titan, cb350, and more. I have a shop space with 2 other dudes. Collectively, a lot of running bikes!