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Shark Evoline 2

Just picked one up today for a ridiculous clearance price to replace a five year old Nolan.

As safe as full-face helmets are I couldn’t wear them. I get crazy claustrophobic in them so have always gone for three quarter, open face helmets. This convertible full face is the only one I have ever put on that I felt comfortable with. Plenty of room in front of my chin. It doesn’t fell like a typical full-face helmet when I have it on. It has a proper snugness without choking off airflow. I don’t feel like I’m suffocationg. And If I want to go the open face route I can flip the chin guard back into its locked position and ride that way. Helmet stays balanced regardless of the chin guard position. Has an internal sliding tinted visor also. Fit and finish is top notch.

Since it’s 25 degrees out right now I can’t speak to wind noise/loudness but given the fit and materials I would imagine it would be far quieter than my old Nolan, which I liked but was really loud.

It is DOT and ECE/25-05 approved.

This is last year’s model, hence the clearance price. If you’re in the market and can find a leftover, check it out. Cool skid lid.


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