Scrambler Handlebar Brace


The demo bike I rode had a handlebar brace. It looked cool but did it do anything? I am making plans to change a few things on my "new" 2008 and I am wondering if I should add these while I am pulling the bike apart. I have also been considering the ATV hi (or high) bars which have this brace welded into them but I may stick with stock.
I really liked the demo bike and I'd like to emulate the way it rode/handled as much as possible. I'm even swapping the tires back to the stock sizes as this bike came with 140's and 110's but I digress....
The Scrambler is the first bike I've had that doesn't have 1 1/8 bars (which don't have braces). For some reason, I didn't want to bother with clamps or risers that go from 7/8 to 1 1/8. I ended up switching to the Pro Taper ATV High bar. It has the brace. I added the Triumph Pad and like the look very much.


I wound up with a set of Moose Racing ATV High Bars. These have the crossbar and are working out great. Gonna get a small bag to hang on the crossbar soon for the junk that is normally in my pockets.


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Mike. When you get the new bars set up can you post a pic please? I am interested in doing something similar. It would be great to get a review once you had some time riding with the new bars.


Here are some pics. Not the best shots of the bars but you can kind of see how they fit on the bike.
They are just a skosh taller and a tad more pulled back but not too far.
I find them very comfortable.
They did not require any new cables and I dd not need new grips for them.
I bought them from an Amazon supplier for around 20 bucks and I also bought some nicer bar-ends than the plastic plugs that came with it. The bar-ends are not really weighted but I've not had any vibration issues.
I bought a black set of bars. They come in several colors.


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Looks good. Thanks for posting. BTW..what rear luggage rack are you using? I was told by my local dealer that you could not run a rack light that with the arrow exhaust.


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Those bars look SWEET! are they "Bikemaster" brand? I picked up a pair of 7/8" Superbike bars from them and the quality is great for how inexpensive they are.


Renthal Street Fighter Bar.
I love it. More agressive look and feel. Much lower rise then stocker and about an inch narrower. No room for pad... but I think it looks and fells great!


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Thanks for the photo with the mirrors. I was wondering what they looked like and had not seen a really good picture. I now know if I get them I will be happy with the look.


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Wildjester.....thanks for posting the pics. I was considering those mirrors. Looks awesome on a Scrambler.