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I'm not sure if I am going to get swatted with the wooden ruler and sent to the corner but look up the web address to scottoiler (or just put that .com) and put in your make, model and year. On checkout put DELBOY13 and get a 13% discount on what you buy. I am taking advantage of this to get one installed on my second Bonnie. These are killer systems that will pay for themselves in time with how long you will prolong your chain life. If you are more than just a one day on the weekend rider, then you will want this system! IT ROCKS!!:rocks::headbang2:

The discount is on the total amount purchased and not by the item so I took the opportunity to get some oil for the system as well!

I have been paid $1,000,000,000 to endorse this and I get an additional $1,000,000,000 for all NBR members who buy this. So get your ass on to their site and order it before your Trumpet blows up! :scooter:


Street Tracker
I agree one thousand per cent with everything Tang has said.
These things are so good i have only used one chain in thirty years of riding bikes......................really I have.

Was that good enough Tang? Do you think anyone will smell a rat?

Seriously, anyone who has one swears by it. They are very good.

Mr Scottt.........of oiler fame........



Just fitted mine last week, bought from 2 wheel junkie with 20% discount including dual feeder.