Sayonara Nihon!


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14 years I have spent in this country. 21 years in total overseas and now I'm heading back. All my possessions are on a slow boat across the Pacific to include my creamsicle. That Tang's are excited to get back home and start developing roots. Our nomad days are over and there is family that haven't even met the littlest Tang and they are excited to do so! But I am not leaving an assignment...I'm leaving a place that will always be home to me. I have family that I have grown very close to and it is with a heavy heart we depart. This land is also the land my boys could very well call home one day as they speak the language and will be returning every summer to spend time with the family this side of the world. And what did I learn living after living fourteen years in Japan and twenty one years overseas...

drum roll...

drum roll...

drum roll...

Fuck the news & the politicians with the messages always getting put out...the real truth is that we as a people, regardless of country, have A HELL OF A LOT MORE in common than we do differences. It just seems we like to focus more on the differences.

I will miss seeing Japan from on top of my Triumph...I rode Bonnie in the land of the mortal enemy...the CB!!!!!! And I had a blast doing it :D

Akita, Japan:

The only time in 14 years I have ever heard about a tornado in Japan and I rode to the outskirt of it by accident!



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Cape Shiriya

The last herd of wild horses in Japan and a good ride when I couldn't figure out where I wanted to go. I'll miss the horses and keeping track of the foals that made it after the winter season



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Operation Tomodachi

March 2011...Wife six months pregnant and a little boy about to turn three. I was working a 12 hour shift for a contingency exercise which was just about over for the weekend and the 9.0 earthquake hit that followed with the tsunami that changed everything. I'll never forget running to the high ground with my oldest boy in my left and having a death grip with my right hand on my wife's wrist forcing her to keep up with. I remember her grabbing her belly with her free hand and running the best she could. Scary days but we came through...perhaps one day I will write a book about it. Definitely enough information about what happened but my six month pregnant gave birth to a ten pounder who is sitting on my back as I type this now :D

My favorite picture from the earthquake...never quit...never give up...always fight

The order was gone. Riding down a major road and you had to be careful not to get tow lined by ship's anchor



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Osorezan, Japan

Just a couple hours up the road. Founded by a Buddhist monk from a century a long fucking time ago. Thought to be magical where portals to other dimensions existed. Basically a huge mountain side that sits on top of hot springs and sulfur mines so you have what looks like to be a desert in the middle of very plush and very green hillsides.

The gate to hell:



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Miroku Falls, Japan

Niagra Falls has nothing to worry about but I thought this was very cool all the same...just a few constant/never ending streams that made the rock seem like it was painted. I thought it was very unique and very cool



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14 years in Japan! It was quite long time. You must be tired for hard works.
I myself spent 10 years in North America about 20 years ago, and I think that living in Japan as foreigners may not be as easy as living in the States for various reasons such as different cultures and customs. I am also glad to learn that you have positive memories about Japan!

Good luck on your new life in the States!


Hey Matt…… and the family travel safe. Welcome …..let us know when you settled. Thx for all the wonderful pictures and posts from Japan. You are off on a great new adventure………."press on".


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This thread... Amazing! Thank you Matt for sharing all your stories, videos and pictures. Looking forward to more. Safe journey and I bet that you will miss Japan.

Good luck to you and your family with your new home.


Matt, I rarely post but just wanted to say I always enjoyed the videos and pics of your rides through Japan.
Good luck to you and your family.


Hell yea man! Your posts are always fantastic! Hope you've had a hell of a time over there! I'm certainly jealous of some of that riding!