Recovering yamaha addict


My '17 T-120 Blk & I have just joined this forum after the succession of heavyweight Yam/Star cruisers (1100cc, 1300cc, 1700cc, 1900cc) I've ridden for the last 15 years.
It was time to reduce the weight of my small fleet and 500lb beats the 700-900lb baggers I've been pushing around.
Mostly it's been weird to have my heels under my butt after 15 years of feet fwd.

Have about 2500mi on my T-120 now and it is a superbly balanced bike. Got the Tri/V&H peashooters and removed the db killers; love the sound.
I hate the Pirellis, as I live on an island in SF Bay and those tires HATE steel deck bridges, even when dry I get 4" of greasy lateral deflection while crossing.
Can't wait to use them up and replace with Avon Storm's.

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Street Tracker
Nice. I understand your elation on having a more manageable machine to ride. Back in the mid-90s, I went from a shovelhead harley to an airhead beemer...losing over 200 lbs. of machine in the process. Enjoy the ride.




Good lookin' ride, congrats - haven't seen a set of bags look that good on a Triumph in quite some time.